summary Software Solutions Web-based solutions for sharing information in community collaborations.

discussion Multi-Share Health Coverage Building community based health coverage plans based on the multi-share concept pioneered in Muskegon Michigan through its Access Health program.

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Team CHV


Vondie Woodbury

Director of the Muskegon Community Health Project (MCHP). The nationally recognized Health Project created the Access Health (3-share) program. MCHP uses community collaborative processes to develop solutions to address access and health disparities in west Michigan. Ms. Woodbury is a consultant to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) through its Healthy Communities Access Grant program and, a member of the Board of Directors and faculty of Communities Joined in Action a national organization committed to 100% 0 disparities. Woodbury has her Master’s degree in Public Administration and has been engaged in public policy and health policy development at the local, state and national level for over twenty-five years. Consulting clients have included health projects or health systems in Galveston, Texas; Charleston, South Carolina; Sandpoint, Idaho; New Orleans, Louisiana; Jacksonville, Florida and Duluth, Minnesota.

Frank Bednarek

Chief Operating Officer of CHV and the former Muskegon County Administrator for 17 years, engaged in public health and community collaborative partnerships throughout his career. Bednarek was instrumental in establishing the Muskegon Community Health Project, chairing its board for the first three years of its existence. During this period, the Access Health product for the working uninsured was developed and implemented. Bednarek has his Master’s degree in public administration and has consulted with many clients including the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan; the Muskegon, Michigan Public Schools; Kent County, Michigan and the Macomb, County Michigan Homeless Coalition. He also serves on the Boards of Hackley Hospital, the American Red Cross and the Muskegon Community College.

Gary Packingham

Vice President for CHV and project manager for several multi-share consulting contracts with communities in and outside of Michigan. A Presidential appointee under the Carter Administration, Packingham is expert in assisting communities in developing programs to outreach and enroll participants in health benefit offerings and in strategies to mobilize public will as an integral part of government devolution and sustainability strategies. Packingham has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Ohio State University and is professionally trained in journalism and marketing. Clients include Hamilton County, Ohio; Charleston, South Carolina; Wayne County, Michigan and Ingham County, Michigan.