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discussion Multi-Share Health Coverage Building community based health coverage plans based on the multi-share concept pioneered in Muskegon Michigan through its Access Health program.

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SHOnet Re-Entry


SHOnet Re-Entry

is a pilot program for juveniles in Muskegon, MI to effectively manage Child Care Fund expenditures for juvenile residential placement. The Re-entry program transitions juveniles from out-of-county residential placement facilities to community based treatment collaborative programs that reduce costs and improve behavioral outcomes. Out-of-county residential placement typically costs from $300 to $400 per day. Community based treatment, by comparison cost averages $125 per day

How Juvenile Re-Entry Works

Typically, 15 youth will be in the Re-Entry program at any given time. The Court has determined that these youth need placement in residential facilities as a result of their offenses. Later these youth transition from out-of county placement back to community placement about 3 months earlier than normally scheduled. Prior to placement, an individual needs assessment and treatment plan for the parent(s) and child are made at the time a decision is made to place a child in out-of-county residential care. This treatment plan includes the youth’s re-entry needs, which is shared with the residential provider at the time of intake and made part of the out-of-county facilities own treatment plan. Juveniles are returned to their community when they are ready got the re-entry phase of the treatment plan and continue their treatment through community collaborative resources. This integrated treatment program has successfully reduced the cost and recidivism rates for the SHOnet population.

The key to managing the Re-entry population has been to SHOnet Re-Entry software developed by CHV to link all parties involved with the youth’s treatment plan. SHOnet Re-Entry software allows the Family Court probation officer to case manage the individual’s progress from start to finish. The team at the placement facility is able to share information back to the community and remain engaged in the treatment plan once the youth is returned to the community. The software provides the seamless continuum of information sharing that is critical to the service delivery required by the individual treatment plan.


Since the inception of the initiative in June 2003, the program has served 44 juveniles During the initial launch phase of the program, Muskegon County expenditures for out of home placement were reduced from $3,074,990 in 2002 to $2,700,521 in 2004.

Schedule a Demo

If your community is interested in scheduling a demo, email Gary Packingham here with a request. Online demos can be arranged for community collaboratives working to improve the outcomes of juvenile justice programs.