summary Software Solutions Web-based solutions for sharing information in community collaborations.

discussion Multi-Share Health Coverage Building community based health coverage plans based on the multi-share concept pioneered in Muskegon Michigan through its Access Health program.

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Community Consulting Services


Building Super Coalitions

CHV provides consulting services to communities that want to go beyond the issue of affordable health coverage. In a growing number of communities it is becoming evident that a health-based super coalition can have a wide-ranging positive impact on health status. The concept of a super coalition is modeled on programs like the Muskegon Community Health Project where many collaborative initiatives operate under the umbrella of one large health coalition. Key to the sustainability of these super coalitions is the knowledge of how to leverage administrative cost savings and maximize revenue opportunities through the community’s transformational partnerships housed in the super coalition.

CHV offers consulting services to both health systems and communities seeking to learn how to build sustainable community health coalitions. With health systems, CHV can provide the expertise necessary to assess of the community benefit programs and identify opportunities for greater efficiencies and improved health outcomes. These programs typically focus on charitable care activities that would greatly benefit from the implementation of case management strategies and successfully engage community partnerships to can manage costs and utilization of charitable resources.

For a diagram of the Muskegon Community Health Project super coalition model, click here. (opens in new window)